Ethnic people’s designs and handicrafts have gone global. What was historically created for individual consumption is now massed produced. Often simply referred to as “tribal,” there is little acknowledgment to its roots or real benefits to artisan makers. RedGreen Rivers™ aims to change that.

Our founders, Bo Thao-Urabe, Kabzuag Vaj, and KaYing Yang, are three Hmong American women who have built and advanced community for over 20 years. Their history, heritage, and commitment to strengthening community are the foundations of the business.

Hmong people are global citizens living all over the world, but the elders say we
emigrated from China where the Green River runs and crossed over the Red River to reach Southeast Asia. RedGreen Rivers™ is our roots; it’s our journey.

We work with artisan makers, most of whom are women and girls, from the Mekong Region in Southeast Asia. Incredibly talented in making traditional handicrafts, we get to know their stories, learn about their gifts and talents; then, we design, produce, and purchase directly from them in order to bring beautiful items to you.

It’s important to us that you get to know the artisan makers, because they inspire and craft the RedGreen Rivers™ products. When you buy from RedGreen Rivers™ you get a treasure, and you support a maker. Our products are not massed produced, because we focus on quality and authenticity. We believe that artistic talent born from traditional indigenous designs can create sustainable communities.

  • We believe the maker is as important as the art.
  • We promote artisan handicrafts to create economic opportunities and preserve cultural designs and knowledge.
  • We recognize that the status of women and girls is the litmus test of how communities are doing overall, so we choose to work closely with women and girl artisans to increase their economic opportunities.
  • We believe in fair wages and buying directly from the artisan makers.

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